Draping isn’t a “new” fad, it’s just resurfacing. Popular in the 70’s, like many things, such as bell-bottoms, it’s making a comeback. It’s this gals opinion it shouldn’t, but what say you? It’s not surprising as I’m not big on several of the “fads” happening now. Glitter lips, yuck. Strobing, I just think too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a “good” thing. But these are merely my opinions and clearly the fashion world would not agree.

Draping is showing up on models, actresses, and famous bloggers. What is draping? It’s a look you create by taking your blush high on the cheek bone and carrying it up past your eyes and over your brow. Check out these pictures of draping and let me know what you think of this trend.

Derma Rolling. What you need to know.

There is always something new popping up! It’s hard to stay up to date on the newest thing! Can I get an Amen?! Derma Rolling is the rage for those looking to improve their skin and increase the power of whatever skin care regimen they currently use. I’ve been watching a few beauty guru’s who absolutely swear by it. One in particular that I follow has really had some changes in her skin.

I’m ordering mine in a few days and I’ll do some before and after photos to share with you all. Proof is in the puddin’ as I like to say, and I am one of those try for myself kind of gals. I have to know if this works!

Derma Rolling, or Skin Needling as it is sometimes called can be done at home, and even WalMart sells it for relatively cheap! The needles are small, tiny, like acupuncture needles. I’ve had acupuncture done and it doesn’t hurt. However, rolling hundreds of them across your face can’t be entirely pleasant. Some people use a numbing cream before use, while others say it really isn’t that bad and just suffer through. I’ve told my daughter for years, “Beauty is pain, beauty is pain”. I’m willing to suffer some pain if it helps rejuvenate my skin.

Collagen is all the rage right now as well. You can drink it, add to your smoothies, take it in pill form, etc. Derma Rolling is said to aid in the production of new collagen. And because the producing of new collagen takes vitamins, they say you shouldn’t do it while pregnant or breast feeding. Your baby needs all your body can muster!

Because Younique has such good skin care products, I’ll be using my regular regime while I use the Derma Roller. I’m excited to see if it helps! I’ll post all before and after pics here so you can see for yourself. It should be fun, right? A hundred needles poking me in the face. Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…….


Lash Serum? Snake oil or the Real Deal?

Younique has introduced a Lash Serum and it’s flying off the shelves already! Why are we so obsessed with lashes? They have a way of lighting up the eye, creating a dark and mysterious look, while making us look feminine in the greatest sense of the word. I mean, who bats an eye without amazing lashes??

The Esteem Lash Growth Serum has been in the making for about two years. Results have been great and it will launch to customers on August 1st. It is said to promote longer, more lush and durable lashes! I for one can’t wait to try it! I have no lashes to speak of. They left my eyelids and started growing on my chin. The perks of pre-menopause! But, that’s another subject entirely!

In clinical trials, the serum increased lash volume by 39%! I’ll take that! And it provided longer looking lashes by 29%! Any increase is a favorable outcome if you ask me! You can get yours on August 1st by visiting http://www.youniqueproducts.com/donnacardana and placing your order. I’d love to hear from you as to what you think!

Mermaid Hair….do you dare?

Have you seen the trend? Mermaid hair! I love it! Color being taken to a whole new level of WOW! Solid color has long been a thing of the past, and with all the new product and color palettes our there, who can argue with it?

Stylists are getting bolder, trying new things, inventing new tricks. It’s an amazing world of color so why not apply that to hair? It washes out right? Short hair, long hair, we don’t care, as long as it’s colorful and more to the point, an expression of the person wearing it!


Did someone say Free?

It was just announced today that Younique is offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders until July 16th! That means if all you need is a mascara, you won’t pay the shipping you would normally pay! When they say ANY order they mean ANY order!

This includes….get ready….the Presenter’s Kit!!! You pay $99 for $360+ in product, and pay NO SHIPPING!! This is an incredible time to join Younique as we will also be launching 2 new products August 1st!! A serum for eyelashes to stimulate growth, and a one-step mascara!!! This is going to catapult many presenters in to the next level and I can’t wait to hear how much $$ is being made! Check out my site, and take a gander at this presenters kit. FREE SHIPPING ends July 16th. col_kit_mar_2017