Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should!

I’m prepared for backlash. I really am. But I’ve never been one to back down from something I feel passionately about and I’m not ready to start now. Being the Mom to a beautiful 16 year old girl keeps me on my toes. I want to know what is happening out in the land of social media, and what is being fed to my sweet teen. Sweet Jesus…..

I wish we could go back in time. Before the internet was so readily available. Back to when the news reported NEWS, not opinions. There’s something to be said of the innocence back in the day. Not that there wasn’t bad stuff happening, we just didn’t hear about it 5 minutes after it happened because we weren’t carrying around cell phones, tablets, mini-computers. We had to wait like everyone else and watch the news at 6 pm to find out what was happening.

When I think about how innocent I was even at 16, how blissfully ignorant I was, I long for that for my kids. I wish they didn’t have to hear about all the atrocities happening in the world today. I just want them to play, hang out with friends, worry about silly stuff like their first kiss, and first boyfriend. Instead my daughter is asking me how quickly we will die if N. Korea does bomb us.

She’s also seeing (and this is where ya’ll might get mad, it’s my blog, deal with it) so called Feminists walk around topless like it’s somehow going to make the world stand up and take notice. She’s watching “famous” people stand up and say “I’m nasty” as if that’s something to be proud of. Thank God she has a strong mind and can see that the actual women who started the feminist movement are probably rolling over in their graves. They fought for our right to vote! They fought to give women the right to own property, to have their own credit card. They didn’t fight so you could walk around with hairy armpits painted like unicorns and and yell “Be Nasty” to the young women who are up and coming. God help us all if this is what our next generation follows. We as women are screwed.

My blog, my opinion.

Ear Makeup……Stop IT!

New trend alert! Ear Makeup. Why? Isn’t that what earrings are for? High fashion, low fashion, and every fashion in between, just stop. I seriously want to pull a mom move and grab a washrag and scrub that stuff off your ears!

I can’t. I just can’t. Elf ears? Metallic ears? How about this? Just let your ears be. Don’t call attention to them. Just let them serve their purpose and sit on either side of your head so you can hear. It’s ok. They will be just fine. They’ve survived centuries without makeup.

Strobing, Baking, and Draping…Oh My!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything you’re “supposed” to be doing with makeup. Do you strobe? Or do you bake? What is appropriate for which age group? And just whose opinion really matters anyhow? Whoever said you had to do any of them?

Strobing is achieving the ultimate highlight on your face. Done correctly, it can light up your forehead, your upper lip and yes, even those glorious cheekbones! Baking, well, who doesn’t like baked goods? But I digress….makeup, focus. Baking can really lift those eyes, hide those dark circles, and hide fine lines and trouble areas. Then there is the resurgence of Draping. It can be done to the extreme or subtly, depending on the look you are going for and for what occasion.

It is my opinion, and I get to share it because it’s my blog after-all…..that makeup should be a reflection of you. It should showcase your personal style. It can even be done to coordinate with your particular mood. One day you might feel light and free, and opt for an easy eye, with mascara only, and no foundation. Or perhaps, you’re feeling a bit dark and opt for a dark smokey eye, and super red lip. The wonderful thing about makeup is it washes off. Don’t like something you did, wash it off. Start over. Makeup is truly one of the only things we have that we can literally wash away and begin anew. Maybe that’s why I love it so much.

In conclusion, do you. Wear what you like. Choose colors that reflect YOU! Try something new. You don’t have to love it, and you never have to try it again. But makeup is a fun way to create a new you.

P.S. I tried Baking, I looked like Betty Davis in the movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Pic enclosed for your reference. Scary.


Draping isn’t a “new” fad, it’s just resurfacing. Popular in the 70’s, like many things, such as bell-bottoms, it’s making a comeback. It’s this gals opinion it shouldn’t, but what say you? It’s not surprising as I’m not big on several of the “fads” happening now. Glitter lips, yuck. Strobing, I just think too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily a “good” thing. But these are merely my opinions and clearly the fashion world would not agree.

Draping is showing up on models, actresses, and famous bloggers. What is draping? It’s a look you create by taking your blush high on the cheek bone and carrying it up past your eyes and over your brow. Check out these pictures of draping and let me know what you think of this trend.