Lash Serum? Snake oil or the Real Deal?

Younique has introduced a Lash Serum and it’s flying off the shelves already! Why are we so obsessed with lashes? They have a way of lighting up the eye, creating a dark and mysterious look, while making us look feminine in the greatest sense of the word. I mean, who bats an eye without amazing lashes??

The Esteem Lash Growth Serum has been in the making for about two years. Results have been great and it will launch to customers on August 1st. It is said to promote longer, more lush and durable lashes! I for one can’t wait to try it! I have no lashes to speak of. They left my eyelids and started growing on my chin. The perks of pre-menopause! But, that’s another subject entirely!

In clinical trials, the serum increased lash volume by 39%! I’ll take that! And it provided longer looking lashes by 29%! Any increase is a favorable outcome if you ask me! You can get yours on August 1st by visiting and placing your order. I’d love to hear from you as to what you think!

Did someone say Free?

It was just announced today that Younique is offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders until July 16th! That means if all you need is a mascara, you won’t pay the shipping you would normally pay! When they say ANY order they mean ANY order!

This includes….get ready….the Presenter’s Kit!!! You pay $99 for $360+ in product, and pay NO SHIPPING!! This is an incredible time to join Younique as we will also be launching 2 new products August 1st!! A serum for eyelashes to stimulate growth, and a one-step mascara!!! This is going to catapult many presenters in to the next level and I can’t wait to hear how much $$ is being made! Check out my site, and take a gander at this presenters kit. FREE SHIPPING ends July 16th. col_kit_mar_2017