Derma Rolling. What you need to know.

There is always something new popping up! It’s hard to stay up to date on the newest thing! Can I get an Amen?! Derma Rolling is the rage for those looking to improve their skin and increase the power of whatever skin care regimen they currently use. I’ve been watching a few beauty guru’s who absolutely swear by it. One in particular that I follow has really had some changes in her skin.

I’m ordering mine in a few days and I’ll do some before and after photos to share with you all. Proof is in the puddin’ as I like to say, and I am one of those try for myself kind of gals. I have to know if this works!

Derma Rolling, or Skin Needling as it is sometimes called can be done at home, and even WalMart sells it for relatively cheap! The needles are small, tiny, like acupuncture needles. I’ve had acupuncture done and it doesn’t hurt. However, rolling hundreds of them across your face can’t be entirely pleasant. Some people use a numbing cream before use, while others say it really isn’t that bad and just suffer through. I’ve told my daughter for years, “Beauty is pain, beauty is pain”. I’m willing to suffer some pain if it helps rejuvenate my skin.

Collagen is all the rage right now as well. You can drink it, add to your smoothies, take it in pill form, etc. Derma Rolling is said to aid in the production of new collagen. And because the producing of new collagen takes vitamins, they say you shouldn’t do it while pregnant or breast feeding. Your baby needs all your body can muster!

Because Younique has such good skin care products, I’ll be using my regular regime while I use the Derma Roller. I’m excited to see if it helps! I’ll post all before and after pics here so you can see for yourself. It should be fun, right? A hundred needles poking me in the face. Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…….