Did someone say Free?

It was just announced today that Younique is offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders until July 16th! That means if all you need is a mascara, you won’t pay the shipping you would normally pay! When they say ANY order they mean ANY order!

This includes….get ready….the Presenter’s Kit!!! You pay $99 for $360+ in product, and pay NO SHIPPING!! This is an incredible time to join Younique as we will also be launching 2 new products August 1st!! A serum for eyelashes to stimulate growth, and a one-step mascara!!! This is going to catapult many presenters in to the next level and I can’t wait to hear how much $$ is being made! Check out my site, and take a gander at this presenters kit. FREE SHIPPING ends July 16th. col_kit_mar_2017

Author: glammergirlproductions

I am a stay at home Mom working hard to help further the dreams and callings my family has. I love being an entrepreneur and I absolutely love the company I have chosen to further those dreams and callings!

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