Mascara tips for us “seasoned” gals!

It’s a known fact that as you age, your eyelashes tend to thin out! Here I would like to insert a temper tantrum! It’s not fair! Due to those thinning traitors, we tend to think that a thickening mascara is where it’s at! But our shabby, weak lashes cannot support all that weight, and your eyes will look drug down. Opt for a lengthening mascara. Better yet, have you tried Youniques 3D Fiber Lashes? Light and lengthening, it is amazing and will add volume without the weight! You can watch this video of me applying the mascara here:

Author: glammergirlproductions

I am a stay at home Mom working hard to help further the dreams and callings my family has. I love being an entrepreneur and I absolutely love the company I have chosen to further those dreams and callings!

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